Acres of Diamonds is creating lasting change for homeless moms and kids in Western Washington. We give everyone in the Acres program the love and support that they need to recover, rebuild, and break the cycles of addiction, poverty, and abuse. 

With the support of the community, Acres has made an impact on homeless families in the area. 

  • 100% of women and children coming from abusive situations are now safe
  • 94% of families who were homeless before the Acres of Diamonds Program are now in stable housing
  • 92% of women who were living in addiction are now clean and sober

Our goal is to continue providing the support and long-term transitional housing that homeless families in Western Washington need. 

Learn more about how you can help us make an impact in the lives of homeless families.

Meet the Residents

Moms with hard pasts

Moms come to Acres of Diamonds with hard pasts riddled with trauma. At Acres, they have an opportunity to break those harmful cycles.

Kids with trauma

Kids have been exposed to the unthinkable – at no fault of their own. At Acres of Diamonds, they can begin to heal from their trauma.

Rewriting their stories

Acres of Diamonds provides the safe place for women to rewrite their story and break the cycles of addiction and abuse in their families.

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