What We Do

Acres of Diamonds is a 501c(3) organization that sets out to ensure that every homeless woman and child that comes to Acres receives the opportunity to rewrite their story. With homeless families experiencing generations of poverty, abuse, neglect and addiction, Acres of Diamonds aims to provide holistic, long-lasting solutions to help address the problems.

Meet the Residents

Moms with hard pasts

Moms come to Acres of Diamonds with hard pasts riddled with trauma. At Acres, they have an opportunity to break those harmful cycles.

Kids with trauma

Kids have been exposed to the unthinkable – at no fault of their own. At Acres of Diamonds, they can begin to heal from their trauma.

Rewriting their stories

Acres of Diamonds provides the safe place for women to rewrite their story and break the cycles of addiction and abuse in their families.

Programs Offered

Acres of Diamonds is a program to support homeless moms and kids as they rebuild their lives.

The structured living plan, on-site counseling, parenting support and life-skill training helps moms to re-establish their lives with purpose, confidence, and support. Kids are also provided academic, relational, and emotional support through Acres of Diamonds programs.

Need help?

The Acres of Diamonds Program is designed for mothers with children and mothers working to regain custody of their children. If you would like to apply to the Acres of Diamonds Program, please complete the application linked above. We can’t wait to meet you!

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