Children’s Programs

Acres of Diamonds is a safe place for children in the midst of trauma. The Uplifting Kids Program is designed to support children’s social, emotional, and early childhood learning needs in a safe and caring environment. The program includes numerous activities to help decrease the symptoms of trauma and to aid in their recovery. 

Through the program, kids are provided: 

  • Supplemental academic support
  • Relational and emotional training
  • Intentional mentoring

Children are given the opportunities to play, learn, and grow in fun and engaging ways, helping them break the pattern of homelessness and broken relationships.

A unique sensory playground (under development) is available on site for those children with disabilities and special needs, encouraging both individual and group play. For older children, the program includes tutoring and mentoring, as well as opportunities to develop positive social skills. This helps ensure that kids do not fall behind in school and helps them learn to establish healthy boundaries and build self-esteem.

Acres of Diamonds is a faith-based program. While it is not required that the women and children in the program hold the same faith, mothers must be willing to have their children in a faith-based environment.