Beyond Acres

Our mission at Acres of Diamonds is for moms and kids to never experience homelessness again. Over the years, we have seen that many families can benefit from additional ongoing support after leaving Acres to help them thrive and have lasting connections to reach out to in seasons of hardship and instability. During this season of COVID, many of the families we serve have found that having relational support/community and securing necessary resources is especially difficult. This is very challenging for individuals trying to maintain stability.

To meet these needs, we launched a new program called Beyond Acres in the fall of 2021. You can find the goals of the program below. The Beyond Acres program supports past residents of Acres of Diamonds through offering: Intentional one-on-one support and resource referrals (often housing, childcare, and employment/career resources), Case Management, opportunities for coaching (career, parenting, budget, etc.), access to counseling, and ongoing training in life skills. We believe these practical elements of the Beyond Acres program will open up opportunities for the families to receive ongoing education and support to empower them to retain employment and remain stably housed.

Additionally, we deeply believe that relationships and ongoing support are key to anyone experiencing stability. Our hope is that families who choose to take part in Beyond Acres services will feel that they have a team supporting them and celebrating them in their work toward long-term stability.

Program Goals

  • GOAL 1: Empower and support residents leaving Acres in their efforts to find and maintain stable housing.
  • GOAL 2: Create and help maintain healthy community for Acres’ former residents, both through the Acres communityand through support in connecting with other individuals in the outside community.
  • GOAL 3: Empower and support former residents in their efforts to find and retain employment
  • GOAL 4: Create educational opportunities for former residents that could enable them achieve greater financial security, family stability, and job satisfaction.
  • GOAL 5: Connect former residents with Mental Health services and support, as needed.
  • GOAL 6: Help connect former residents with community resources in areas of need.