Receive Help

Before You Apply

Acres of Diamonds is for homeless moms and kids. It is not a shelter, but rather a program designed to help them make lasting changes in their lives. The Acres of Diamonds Program is a faith-based program that does not require the women to hold the same faith, only that they be willing to be in a faith-based environment.

Who We Serve

Acres of Diamonds serves women and their children under 13. There are no men living at Acres.


Requirements for Staying at Acres

Acres of Diamonds is a program and has a specific set of requirements for their stay. Women are required to abstain from romantic relationships for the first 8 months of their stay.

Acres of Diamonds is a clean and sober house. Random drug tests are given throughout a person’s stay. Out of respect for the other residents’ sobriety, individuals on opiate blockers cannot be accepted into the program.

Acres of Diamonds is more than just housing, it is a program. As part of this program, women are required to complete 10-15 hours of program activity each week, in addition to working. Program activities include:

  • Budgeting classes
  • Parenting classes
  • Counseling
  • Case manager meetings
  • Grace Group
  • Chores
  • AA/NA if applicable

Program activity is in addition to working full time hours (30-40 hours per week). Please note that women are not required to have employment when they apply (or when they first move in). Staff will work alongside women as they work towards full time employment.

Living Situation

Everyone starts off in the main house. Each family has their own room and shares common areas (kitchen, bathrooms, living room) with other families. As families become ready (and space becomes available) we have apartments on site. Typically it takes about a year for people to move into the apartments.

Length of Stay

Our main objective at Acres of Diamonds is to help women become self-sufficient. We never want them to experience homelessness again. We say that the program lasts two years, but some women reach self-sufficiency quickly while others need more support. As long as they continue to work through their program towards self-sufficiency, women are welcome to stay beyond the regular two year mark.

If you’re ready to get the support and help that you need to take the next step at changing your life, please click the button below to apply to Acres of Diamonds!