Acres of Diamonds Renovation Project

Since 1995, Acres of Diamonds has been helping women and children devastated by homelessness to heal, learn life-skills and rebuild their lives.

Recognizing that our region simply does not have enough housing opportunities for those in need, Acres desires to increase their capacity and address this challenging community issue.  For the past few years, Acres has been working to develop a multi-phase capital campaign to build and coordinate new housing opportunities for homeless families. The project starts with renovating the current community home in Duvall to expand from 7 rooms to 11 rooms.

At this critical time, you can help support homeless moms and kids in 3 different ways:



Your financial gift can help us finish the renovation project strong and be prepared with the resources needed to support 11 families.

Here are some examples of what you gift could provide:

  • $300 provides 60 hearty dinners
  • $105 provides a child 3 nights of safety
  • $1,000 provides a month of parenting classes

Any home needs items for cooking, cleaning, and living.  The community house at Acres is no exception and you can help provide all the necessities to help the moms and kids live and learn life skills together.

All items can be shipped directly to Acres of Diamonds.

Thank you for providing these critical pieces to helping homeless moms and kids get the chance to be safe and rewrite their stories!